Our Team has an extensive knowledge with our leading team having a minimum of 28 years in the business, thats right back before windows was not even a thing, our team was working with IBM Mainframe system 38 and As/400’s, unix and linux systems, and windows and mac os.

Our specialists can develop the perfect system for you depending on your need using simple common sense and within a budget.

If you need a website creating, we can host it for you, and build it along with your thoughts and requirements in mind we also offer updates with you in charge and help you buy the perfect domain you want/need, its all included.

We can also develop database systems in either VB6 or PHP in conjunction with oracle or mysql and so on for your website or back office systems.

if you are an organisation who needs desktop support for your third party application, our team can connect in and help out as and when you need it.

If you need to buy a PC or Laptop and not sure what you need we will ask you tell us your needs and assist with what you should buy.

Our server team can help you recover your system if you have nobody at hand, all we need is some secure remote connection to your system and we can help.

If you are in Teesside, UK we have service engineers that can come round and help you with your IT problems.