We charge flat fee for a one off system problem or a monthly fee for those with bigger needs.

Our services include:-

  • General computer/laptop/mac advice
  • Web site development services and hosting in-house
  • Database development PHP and VB6 with Oracle, Sql Server and MySql
  • Purchase advice
  • Unix/Linux server support
  • Windows PC and Server assistance
  • Microsoft Office assistance
  • Many other third party applications too many to list.
  • Networks, Firewalls and Router support
  • Local engineers in Teesside, UK area

And general issues that do not require on-site visits

If you have a preferred method of connecting to you to resolve any issues we can do that

We also provide an option to individuals at home

These services a very secure and your rights and privacy are protected at the highest level in accordance with the data protection act.

You will need to download and Install TeamViewer –https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/windows/

  1. Open App
  2. Email us “Your ID” and “Password”
  3. Accept connection

Sit back while we take a look at the problem